“Peito Aberto” is the latest album that the Portuguese singer-songwriter with Brazilian birth wanted to offer in his tour that will take him around the world.


redazione Pino Attanasio

Direttore Raffaele Carlino

After the attribution of the important recognition the “Parodi” of the International Golden Register Award received at the end of 2022, the artist proposes, in his new world tour, the latest recording work that wants to act as a unifying bridge so that various musical cultures tastefully intertwine, referring to the African and Latin music that combined with the world music genre converge in his very personal style that does not forget the traditional Portuguese music.
His very personal and pleasant melodies combined with his unmistakable voice and his great musical technique make the lyrics, both the romantic ones and the socially committed ones, a real listening joy for the passionate spectators who cannot resist Tiago’s invitations to sing with he.

These are the songs performed with some beautiful covers in an evening in which he was able to fascinate the audience with elegance and simplicity together with his inseparable acoustic guitar.
O mundo é um moinho – Cartola
Tatuagem – Chico Buarque
Bem que se quis – pino danieli
Summer – Bruno Martino
Grao – Tiago Nacarato
Areia Fina – Tiago Nacarato and Fran Gil
Time – Tiago Nacarato
Menina estás á janela – Vitorino
Para você dar nome – to brandileone
Time Will Tell – Bob Marley
Wonderful world – Loucos Armstrong
A Dança – Tiago Nacarato
Só me apetece dançar – Tiago Nacarato
Ocean – Djavan

Waves went você – toquinho and Vinícius de Moraes

Tiago Nacarato says, referring to the proposed project, that “this second album is more experimental, he explains, it’s a transition album, which deviates a bit from my way of writing songs. I definitely tried to find a new sound. It was written during the pandemic, so for me it’s an album of change. It certainly marks the end of a phase in which I was more obsessed with the problems of the world, and with my own, and a new phase begins, more hopeful and with an open heart to everything to come”. Then adding “What interests me in music is the element of surprise, I don’t like to give labels to my work. I like to try things. I feel like an experimental songwriter, of Brazilian origin, but very attached to my Portuguese roots and I like to mix these cultures. I realize that this can make the work of those who love to catalogue, the market for example, who prefer to label things difficult”.