Tonight on the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival there will be Vanessa Mini, the singer-songwriter and dancer who won the InterContinental Music Awards 2023 in Los Angeles.



The singer-songwriter and dancer Vanessa Mini whose engaging story you will read below will parade tonight 6 September at the Venice Film Festival among Hollywood stars as the protagonist on the official Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival 2023. She will be head-on among actors and American singers and other emerging artists from around the world.

the singer-songwriter Vanessa Mini in the photos by Pino Attanasio…

One success after another for the singer returning from Los Angeles where she won the InterContinental Music Awards.

In August, the artist participated in the finals in Los Angeles, climbing to the roof of Europe. In addition to entries and artists from all over the world, the international contest also boasts a jury of music professionals who have written important pieces for world-renowned artists such as Selena Gomez, Celin Dion and Ricky Martin.

On August 27, on the occasion of the Award Ceremony, Mini was awarded for «Peace», the piece that brought her to the final in the “Europop” category.

The passage takes up the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta during a private meeting that Vanessa Mini had with her in Yugoslavia. A true hymn to peace and love to say stop to wars, addressing heads of state from all over the world.

Her disruptive success is determined not only by her splendid voice but by an important stage presence, in fact she makes her performances real shows, with spectacular dancers and choreography.

“It’s a dream come true, but now we need to raise the bar” comments Vanessa Mini,

It all started with a particular meeting that took place in 1999.

the singer-songwriter Vanessa Mini in the photos by Pino Attanasio…

“You should sing” are the words that the singer and actress Cher addressed to Mini in the backstage of the Ariston where, during a break from work, the artist was humming a melody. Hence her decisive push and the beginning of her career as a Swing singer. Vanessa working as an interpreter in various television programs, and meeting personalities such as Aaron Smith at the Monza Rock Festival and Letizia Casta at the SanRemo Rock Festival in 1999, where it all began she was able to slowly enter this world of art.

As a famous writer like Erri de Luca specified yesterday evening during the nice presentation of his latest book, speaking precisely of the “meeting” he specified that this is not a scheduled appointment but it is a specific event not expected before but which takes place times with unexpected openings. The very strong singer and author Vanessa Mini owes her well-deserved success to her chance encounters.

Vanessa’s splendid voice is a coloratura contralto which is one of the most widespread styles in Italian bel canto, so much so that it gives its name to some “types” of voice. For example, we speak of coloratura soprano to define that soprano voice, which is capable of correctly performing a large number of these virtuosic passages.

the singer-songwriter Vanessa Mini in the photos by Pino Attanasio…

Vanessa mini is the story of an encounter, such as the one with the piano, which she learned to play from an early age, at the age of 6. It is the encounter between the show and the expressiveness that distinguish her music, between the beauty and the sensitivity that make her stand out among many other voices. And undoubtedly it is also the story of the meeting between her father from Veneto and her mother from Brescia, who made everything possible for her with their support and love.

The encounter with the study of languages, in fact Vanessa speaks 4 languages perfectly and before dedicating herself to music, she graduated as an interpreter and thanks to her natural predisposition she began to work in numerous television broadcasts as an interpreter.

Diego Dalla Palma noticed her, who was the first to want her next to her in the “Specially You” program broadcast on La 7.

Regarding her voice, many of her compare it to that of Liza Minelli.

Her meeting with the musician Pier Didoni, with whom she arranges unreleased songs, allows her to be chosen for her voice to be part of the soundtrack of the film “Ernest Hemingway” screened in Cannes in 2012.

From then on, performances flourished around Europe.

Vanessa begins to travel, requested in many international social events. She finds herself singing in Montecarlo, then at the World Star Football Match Gala Dinner. On the occasion of a live event, Dj Mitch discovers her innate talent not only musical, but, above all, her marked ability to transform her performances into real “shows”.

We find her again in Genoa, at the international music fair and then again in Mendrisio (Progetto Amore), together with Paolo Meneguzzi. Keeping up with her is a feat and Vanessa knows this well. Her life follows the light and unpredictable notes of swing music, which is one of her favorite genres. In 2016 Vanessa

accepts a really daring and at the same time extremely stimulating recording project: to record a remake (in a swing key) of the song Since I Don’tHaveYou by Guns ‘N’ Roses. The artistic direction of the project is managed by Dj Mitch himself (co-host of Tutto Esaurito, the most listened to radio morning show in Italy), entrusting the arrangement to the well-known producer Beppe Stanco (record producer, among others, of the Free boys and Sugarfree, as well as Creative Director of the prestigious Lunezia Award).

Subsequently Vanessa participates in numerous Events:

“Miss World Italy 2017 Final Special Guest Singer”

“Miss Earth Italy 2017 Final Special Guest Singer”

“Special Guest Singer Swiss Embassy in Rome 2016-2017-2018, March 2021 – Casa Sanremo

March/April 2021 – AN ITALIAN SONG – Compilation produced by SPC Sound and Lino Berlin Management with international diffusion.

April 2021 – Final “Christmas in Rome 2021”.

April 2021 – Final “Italian Stage Tour 2021 – Patronage of the Lazio Region.

September 2021 . – Outstanding Talent

His brand new single “Peace”, from the Spc Sound Group Label, arrives in America and conquers the semifinal at the Inter Continental Music Awards in California!

The year 2023 for the talented Vanessa Mini promises to be full of emotions. In fact, her single, which is receiving great success in Europe, moves with merit to the USA, winning the Los Angeles event

The ICMA judging panel, made up of extraordinary music gurus who have produced and written for artists such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorn, Westlife, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and many GRAMMY®-nominated artists, as well as companies such as NBC, Warner Bros , MTV, Netflix, CBS and Sony included “Peace” as an 11th Annual Semifinalist American then determining the victory.

For Vanessa this is the first major milestone overseas, with a song and an artist who continue to reap acclaim and applause all over the world.

Pino Attanasio reporter